Most people extoll the virtues of being a parent. How rewarding and fulfilling it is. That it was what they were meant to do. How they couldn't imagine their lives without their kids.

A new viral video is making it's way around the internet shot by a man that wants to show the world what being a parent is REALLY like in 20 short seconds.

This isn't to say that all households are like this. In fact the majority of the parents I know are GREAT parents, who make sure they provide for their kids the best they can and are always there to talk to them, encourage them, and raise them right.

But for all the childless people out there who chose that lifestyle, I'd say this short video probably ran through their heads several thousand times when making that life decision.

And for all the parents reading this that say this has never happened in your house and you're raising perfect angels. Stop the lies! haha