G.I. Joe is a great toy but I never realized it was this great. According to more than 24,000 people of all ages nationwide, G.I. Joe is the greatest toy of the last century.

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis held the vote to help them put together an exhibit on the toys that define Americans' childhoods. Here are the toys that finished in the top 10:

#1.) G.I. Joe

#2.) Transformers

#3.) Lego

#4.) Barbie

#5.) View-Master

#6.) The bicycle

#7.) Cabbage Patch Kids

#8.) Crayons

#9.) Play-doh

#10.) Monopoly

These picks came from 100 options that were compiled by the museum. So some were very broad, like "the bicycle," and some were more specific. Here are few other notable finishes in the voting

"Harry Potter" books finished 29th. Video games, yes all video games collectively, finished 34th. Rubik's Cube finished 48th and Tickle Me Elmo finished 98th.

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