There you sit, holding the menu open, staring at it like you were studying for a test. Your waitress asks if you need a few more minutes.

You tell her to please give you a little more time to decide. Next thing you know, you're looking around to see what everybody else is eating.

The next time you find yourself "undecided", why don't you just simply order the most popular dish in America.

The most common thing ordered in all restaurants in the U.S. is french fries. A study shows that 22% of meals ordered include the tasty finger food potatoes.

When I was a little boy, every meal I ordered included them. Although, I never called them french fries.

When I was asked if I was ready to order, I never needed more time. I would look at the server and say, "Give me a cheeseburger, root beer and shoe strings."

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