I'll be honest with you - I have lived in Sioux Falls for just over a year and haven't even scratched the dining experience here in town. To find out what the best restaurant in town is I asked around, and got dozens of different answers. No one could agree.

So, I want your help to determine the best restaurant in town!

I took the most often mentioned local restaurants (no chain restaurants) and put together a bracket broken down into four dining experiences: Fine, Casual, Ethnic and Cafe/Subs. Each day we will pit two restaurants against each other until we come up with the best restaurant in town!

After over 700 votes, Crawford's beat out Tea Steak House 59% to 41% and in a match-up separated by the smallest of margins, The Pickle Barrel edged out Casa Del Rey 50.3% to 49.7%!

So the championship is set and it's Duke vs. Butler all over again. Crawford's vs. The Pickle Barrel to determine the Best Restaurant in Sioux Falls. Vote!


Poll Photos Courtesy of the Sioux Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau and Google Maps.