At the end of Lady Gaga's song G.U.Y she is shouting something. I have to know what it is, it sounds German but I can't make it out for sure. So to the Internets I went to find out. Turns out I was right it is German, but the translation doesn't really help me understand it.

The lyrics are:

"Achtzehn, Sechzehn, Fourteen, Vierzehn, Drei, Eins Nein, Zedd! Nein, Zedd! Nein, Zedd! Nein, Zedd!"

According to Google Translate this is the translation:

"Eighteen, sixteen, Fourteen, fourteen, three, one, No, Zedd! No, Zedd! No, Zedd! No, Zedd!"

Zedd is a German producer who worked on Gaga's ARTPOP album, but that's about all I can figure out. So there you go, that settles it...I guess? Lets watch the lyric video: