I am an avid watcher of Fox's, So You Think You Can Dance.  The show used to have a performance show night and a results show night.  Last season they only got one show a week so the results were given for the previous week at the end of the performance show.  Does that make sense?  Well, it makes more sense than what they are doing now.

On last night's show they revealed their bottom dancers at the beginning of the show and I thought that was fine.  Then the anticipation would build for the whole show and the dancers would then be eliminated based on votes as well as the judge's reactions to that night's performances, as it was in the past.

But no, they eliminated two dancers at the very beginning of the show!!!!  The bottom dancers performed their solos and then were eliminated. Carlos, had a great solo and I thought he was in for sure, but no, he's out!

Then Carlos and the other eliminated dancer, Brittany, still had to dance with their partners so their partner could get votes for next week! What the heck?  Who thought that was a good idea? Carlos pulled out a great performance.  I was hoping they would save him somehow, but no!