Last weekend was a huge weekend in Sioux Falls for concerts! Jazzfest had thousands of people for 3 days of great music, The Tim McGraw show in Saturday night at the fairgrounds was sold out, and REO Speedwagon rocked at Grand Falls Casino!

Now we are less than 2 weeks away from the Sioux Empire Fair which will bring even more artist from different genres of music! With all of these great bands and artists coming to town, What has bee the best concert you ever attended?

For me, so many to choose from! The very first concert when I was in 8th grade stands out right off the bat! Tesla and Firehouse in Madison, Wisconsin. My father, (a former police officer) drops my friend and I at the front of the arena in the police cruiser. But the most memorable one I have to say, is the time I took my brother to his very 1st concert! Ozzfest  98!!! The look on his face, as I am trying to lift him up to get a good look at Ozzy was priceless!

What about you, What has bee the best concert you ever attended?