Looking at this screenshot is like looking at a photo long lost loved one for me. What happened to you "When In Sioux Falls?"

Once or twice a week I would go to find the latest accurately lampooned aspects of life in Sioux Falls. Things like "When the city announced Operation Timber Strike" or "When I see myself on the security camera at Hy-Vee Liquor" and, their funniest post of all, "When you see the Bikini Lady" always made me laugh.

Even when they made fun of us, I still laughed. It was funny. As with everything they posted, it had at least a little bit of truth in it. I remember Mel was annoyed, but sometimes, honestly, we were just making noise.

It has been over a year since they last posted anything. The last bit of whimsy we got was on July 19, 2013. Whoever you are, Mr. or Ms. When In Sioux Falls, please at least give us one last post so we can all say goodbye.

When "When In Sioux Falls" hasn't posted in over a year