There is not a lot of big hard-hitting news in South Dakota. To me that is one of our state's most redeeming qualities. No massive political scandals, low crime, and few natural disasters all make this a great state to live in and a boring one to do news.

Google is either confused or trying to infuse some excitement into our state. At 1:00 PM today I looked at home page South Dakota on Google News and the headline of the first story was "Drake Britton charged with DUI." I thought he must be a kid I never heard of from South Dakota or maybe he was born here. He was not. In fact there is no Internet evidence I could find that he has ever been to our state.

Britton is a minor league baseball player in the Boston Red Sox organization. He was born and raised in Texas. the word "Dakota" did not appear on the page for the story at


The third story down is about a Mexican billionaire whose company is looking to borrow $785 million. It has nothing to do with South Dakota. Why is it in this section?

I am not smart enough to know how Google figures out what stories belong in the South Dakota section on its news page. I don't think it is even a page, basically a saved search that I have on my account. I just find it amusing that Google has incredibly unrelated stories in that search.