Nagging is annoying for both sides. The nagger doesn't want to nag, and the one being nagged doesn't want the nagging. It has got to be the most unproductive thing we do. It's arguably more productive to lie on the couch for 72 straight hours because at least you're not making someone angry in the process.

According to a new survey, more than half of couples say that nagging is a problem in their relationship.

The top three things people nag each other about are:

#1 -Not getting enough attention.
#2 - Housework.
#3 - Picking up things that you drop around the house, like socks or wet towels.

The survey also found the main way couples resolve fights is apologizing and moving on. Number two is taking time to cool off three is sweeping it under the rug and fourth is just having make-up sex to get over it.

So, ladies, if you quit nagging us guys maybe we'll start picking up after ourselves. OK, I know we won't. Nevermind.