So there is ANOTHER silly survey done and this one is from the National Retail Federation. They say the average shopper this year will spend about $749.51 this year for Christmas. Seems about right, depending on who you have to buy for and that includes cards, decorations and all the extra stuff. That is even up $9 from last year.

But more interesting than that amount is that the six out of ten people surveyed plan on buying something for themselves to the tune of $139.92! Hmmm...I do admit when Christmas Shopping it's hard for me not to buy something for myself. After all there are so many cool things to buy during the holidays and we are used to buying for ourselves through out the year.

So what should I buy for myself? I thought I would make a list of things I would want for Christmas.

Coach purse

Burberry perfume

Vikings Jersey #7 or #69

Twins Jersey #7

Stub Hub Gift Certificates


Cute Boots and Scarfs

Nook or Kindle

What would you or will you buy for yourself for Christmas?