If you have never seen When In Sioux Falls on tumbr, you are really missing out. I am hopelessly addicted to it. Every morning I will check it to see if something new was posted. Then I inevitably end up scrolling through the old posts and still laugh at them.

When In Sioux Falls will take a headline that goes something like "When Someone Hasn't Shoveled," and then post an animated gif of a sheep ramming a fisherman into a lake. What also drives me nuts is that nobody knows who is responsible for this.

What has turned a fun website into an addiction is that they don't update it every day. Sometimes there will be one or two per day for a while, then a week goes by with nothing. Then I feel robbed of the whimsy that is When In Sioux Falls.

I will borrow their style for a few gifs I found:

When WISF hasn't posted anything in a week


When you're listening to Andy and he gets all ranty again


When your ex-girlfriend is screaming at her new boyfriend's kids at the mall

When WISF sees me after posting this