A spectacular Sunday is contrasted by a breezy and chilly Monday in Sioux Falls.  The coming days will feature multiple chances for precipitation as we close out the month of October.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Todd Heitkamp says the action starts Monday evening with rain with possible snow or freezing rain.  Heitkamp says if freezing rain occurs the duration will be short.  The threat in Sioux Falls is valid enough to warrant attention, but not alarm.  A better chance of freezing rain or snow will be north of a line from Burke to Mitchell, South Dakota then on to Slayton, Minnesota.

The activity will be part of a slow moving system that will last through Thursday, but the energy will come in waves and sizable amounts of mostly rain will accompany this event.  Wednesday looks to be the day for the big haul of precipitation accumulation.  Even a clap of thunder could make an appearance.

Heitkamp Describes The Upcoming Week’s Weather System