With the arrest of Justin Bieber yesterday we thought it was only fitting to find out what we would be arrested for?

Both of us have never been arrested or committed a crime, but we opened it up to the listeners to decide what our infraction might be.

Some of the answers were pretty good.

  • For andy. Assulting a driver after a road rage moment. For tosh pushing an old lady over that was in ur way of geting somewhere warm
  •  Tosh, stalking JT...and not knowing all the planets on Tuesday
  • Tosh failure to clean windshield and Not knowing your state bird
  • Tasha got arrested for beating people up that wore the t shirt of the band they went to see in concert and Andy got arrested for streaking and trying to kluck the national anthem
  • Natasha arrested for indecent exposure. Forgets to put on pants when leaving house.

Those were just the texts.

What I have come to realize is people think I will go to prison before Andy.  And I'm a half naked stalker.

Facebook had some different answers:

  • By the looks of these pictures... Tasha would be stealing cats to add to her "collection" and Andy....living in a van down by the river
  • Tasha -Kidnapping JT and hiding him in your garage.
  • Pulling other radio stations bumper stickers off cars.... Hahaaaa
  • Excessive twerking??
  • Tasha would get arrested for inciting a riot at a Justin Timberlake concert and stealing his hair. Andy would be arrested and sued for illegally cloning JT for Tasha in his basement.
  • For Looking too good! Hi Andy and Tasha!
  • Throwing Skittles at the elderly and stealing helium to "enhance" their voices.

If we are to believe these predictions as to why we would go to jail, Justin Timberlake better bulk up his security.

What do you think? If Andy and I (Tasha) were to be arrested, it would be for ______.