This weatherman thinks he's just reporting on Tropical Storm John, and seems to be oblivious to his growing tropical storm boner.

Green screens have really increased the likelihood for unintentional jokes on television, and for that we are eternally grateful. Not only does the tropical storm in this video look a whole lot like a growing erection but, come on. It's called 'Tropical Storm John?' What divine providence.

As the storm is "growing" on screen, this unsuspecting dude is moving his pelvis with it, and warning viewers about the "moisture left behind." It's all very funny until he mentions that the storm will turn into a depression, which makes him a little too human.

We keep wondering how many people were watching this at 5 AM and spit out their coffee, but one thing is certain: "John is going to move north" is henceforth our official way to beg for sex.