Our weekly "Fill In The Blank Friday" this week was "If My Ex Came With a Warning Label it Would Say ______."


Here were some of our favorite Facebook comments and texts from people in and around Sioux Falls:

Small parts could be a choking hazard!

Warning: My mom will hit on you. (It was weird.)

WARNING: No Volume Control. May Seem Loud .(all the time). Earplugs not included.

Contents may explode, sometimes violently. Do not drink when using this product. Death or dismemberment may occur.

Warning: will NOT work for food (or anything else)

Warning: this man is a total ass, approach with caution!

Warning: His mother will call you. Every. Day.

Warning: loves male attention and approval and will do ANYTHING to get it.

Not recommended for mature adults.

Caution: sperm donor.

Warning: Likes to share with other females.

Highly fertile: Keep a 10 ft distance to avoid pregnancy.

Warning: Contains high level of alcohol.

Batteries not included.