There was a recent survey that found that sleeping ‘in the buff’ could actually be a super healthy thing for you to do. There was another recent study done by a British bathroom equipment manufacturer that revealed that men, and even some women, will walk around their home naked - just because. But imagine bypassing the bedroom, and every other room in your home, and taking your naked buns into the kitchen.

According to a recent survey by HelloFresh, 15 percent of American adults (or about 36 million people!) admit to cooking in the nude! Seth Goldman, CEO of HelloFresh U.S. says that those results just prove what he already knows - cooking is sexy! Goldman says,

And what better way to prove that than by preparing a delicious, wholesome home-cooked meal — for or with your significant other.

When asked, one in five people will admit that someone that cooks well is just as much as a turn-on as someone that has a good body. And with that, about 25 percent of those asked in the survey said they have either tried to impress or even SEDUCE someone with their cooking.

The HelloFresh survey also found that 29 percent of those asked thought that a fantastic meal can be better than or even more satisfying than sex. But probably the oddest response from the survey? When asked, two percent of those answered said that they were "not sure" if they have ever cooked in the nude. Wait - how can you be "not sure" if you have ever cooked totally naked?

Want to turn up the heat in your relationship? Start slicing, dicing, sautéing and even deep-fat-frying with your significant other! (Just remember to watch out for any splattering grease!)

Source: YourTango

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