Two Sioux Falls men were arrested on Tuesday for trying to pass some fake bills while playing video lottery.

Police Officer Sam Clemens says the incident took place on West 41st Street between Euclid and Covell Avenue.

“The first guy said he was having problems with getting one of the bills to work. The clerk gave him a new $20 which worked. A short time later, he did the same thing. Another guy he handed in three $20’s that he exchanged for $5 bills.”

According to Clemens the clerk discovered something was wrong while the suspects were still playing the machines.

“She ended up catching it after the fact and noticed that all these $20’s had the same serial number. Both guys were there. I don’t think they had any more (fakes) with them.”

The two men face a felony charge of Possession of a Forged Instrument. They are 37-year old Senthong Phiengsai and 29-year old Brendan Rue.

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