My grandma is getting older and can't do some things around the house by herself anymore, which is understandable.

But we were all surprised when we show up at Thanksgiving and there isn't any TV. She had cancelled her cable, because she doesn't watch a lot of TV, again understandable. But didn't realize her antenna wasn't functioning. So my brother was voted to go up on the roof and fix it. Or try to, anyway.

We also found out the kitchen sink is leaking and her thermostat is broken. All these things needed to be fixed while everyone was home. Does she know how to weasel some work out of ya at a holiday or what?

Obviously, my brother on the roof was hilarious to me. He's a bigger guy and not that agile so I had to document the experience and, well, ya know maybe some of the pictures would help out with the insurance claim when he fell. Haha. I kid. Everyone came out unscathed.

However, once my brother climbed out to the antenna the new part wasn't wide enough around. So it was back to the store and back up on the roof! Happy Turkey Day!

I had so many jokes in my head. I mean I played a chimney sweep and was pretend up on the rooftop stepping in time. And of course with the holidays approaching there was more than reindeer paws and Good Ole Santa Claus up on the rooftop, it was my brother.

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