So last weekend, my friend and I went the the Skyforce game on Saturday night and after the game we were looking for a place to go eat  and have a couple of drinks. We ended up going to Chammp's but didn't realize that the UFC fights were going on.

Now I have said this before, I have never been a fan of UFC, MMA, etc. I won't call it child porn like Steve Hickey did. I know that a lot of people really get into it, but it doesn't draw any interest to me what-so-ever. So we sat there and watched the fights for the final hour or so. Now this isn't the only sport I don't get into. Nascar would be one. Golf I have NEVER in my life have watched an event or even played for that matter.

Bottom line, there are certain sports that people love and certain ones that we don't like. In my case...I think I have seen enough UFC for this year.