It started as a group of friends going to a movie that turned into a robbery. Two people were arrested after the Wednesday night incident.

Sioux Falls Police Officer Sam Clemens says five people were in a car including the 18-year old victim from Egan, South Dakota when they pulled into a parking space at the West Mall 7 Theaters about 9:30 PM.

“While they were outside in the parking lot and she was getting out, there was another woman in the car. That woman jumped on top of her. Another guy that was in the car grabbed hold of her. The two of them held her down and ended up taking cash from her.”

The woman was essentially unharmed after the skirmish, but Clemens notes the entire episode was confusing.

“(The victim) wasn’t sure why this was taking place. She knew everybody in the car as either a friend or acquaintance. Once they took the cash, she was able to convince them to drop her off at a gas station because it was cold outside. A deputy found the car with all four people still inside in Dell Rapids.”

According to Police, two of the people were not involved in the robbery, but didn’t exactly stop it either.

Two people were arrested as 19-year old Savana Huntimer of Madison, South Dakota and 20-year old Troy Kiggins of Sioux Falls took a misdemeanor amount of cash in the heist.

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