TV in the Summer can be pretty lackluster.  All the season finales are over and then you are left with reruns.  I know most people use that free time to go outside, but I'm not really the outdoorsy type.  My idea of roughing it is drinking on a patio.  So, I try to find a Summer TV staple.

This Summer ABC Family has introduced a new show, 'Twisted'.  The show revolves around three friends, Lacey, Jo, and Danny.  They were all best buds then Danny murders his aunt while his two friends are playing outside.  To be expected, this changes everything.  He is imprisoned for five years and never says why he did it.  All he says is he has a reason and it is a good one.  He returns five years later and everything has changed.  Lacey and Jo aren't friends anymore and everyone calls Danny 'Socio' as in sociopath.

In the first episode, a fellow student winds up dead and of course Danny is the prime suspect.  Did he do it?  Did someone else do it knowing that Danny would be an easy target? Why did he kill his aunt before? What happened to Danny's dad? (Allegedly he fell off a boat and was never found.  Allegedly.)

I know this show is probably made for teenagers around 15 or 16, but I gotta say it kept me interested.  Then again, I'm pretty much 13 inside.  If you are bored on a Tuesday night, check it out on ABC Family.