Crash from B102.7 down the hall had the story on the website earlier today.

The Pennington County (SD) Sheriff’s Department is happy to report that two brothers who went missing while turkey hunting in the Black Hills Sunday afternoon were found safe Tuesday.

74-year old Gary Wipf of Madison, SD and his 83-year old brother Clifford Wipf of Rapid City were found by a Forest Service employee in the Flag Mountain Area, approximately 4 miles north of Deerfield Lake.

Initial reports indicate that the two brothers appear to be in good condition.

Great news for sure. I write this post hoping that they are in good condition. While they were out, I actually thought about them quite a bit. It got me thinking, a lot. About life.

Right now, I would take it if I was offered.

Gary and Clifford. Brothers. Hunting together.

83 years old and still hunting, doing something that you LOVE with someone who you obviously LOVE. Your brother!  Right there, I'd take that number and that situation. As I write this post today, I'm not quite 53 years old. I'd take that situation and that number right now if it was offered. And their situation.

I couldn't help but thinking these two old boys were out using their heads. They probably knew that their bodies didn't have the fire they might have had years ago. They probably knew that if they kept their heads and and found shelter and kept warm that they would probably make it through the ordeal.They knew they were going to get hungry. Knew they were going to get cold. But if they just kept their wits they'd get out.

I imagined the two out there and uncomfortable and yet kind of laughing at the world. It's a groove you can fall into when your out by yourself hunting. You. Surviving. I imagine they sat down, found shelter, hopefully kept warm as possible throughout the night. If they were packing technology like a cell phone, I envision them looking at it, with no signal, (which could have been the case in that area.) and thinking, what are we going to do with that.

I don't know what they went through, but as a hunter myself, I'm proud of them. They kept it together and made it out OK in the end. Together. As brothers. Just thinking about it makes my belly feel good.

(Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images)