If you’ve experienced traffic backups near schools in Sioux Falls, the city is reviewing the traffic flow.

Listener Mitchell Fee says the traffic at Roosevelt High School has been concerning:

It's just so frustrating, and the kids: to watch them is even worse.  It's dangerous because they're cutting each other off and pulling out in front of cars.  It doesn't have to be that way.   You could activate a light during that period and it would keep the flow of traffic eventually moving instead of people darting.


Because there is no light at the driveway at Roosevelt High School, Fee sees drivers darting back onto 41 Street in an unsafe manner because there are little opportunities to enter 41 Street's congested traffic.  Fee has also seen several accidents that he claims could have been avoided with a traffic light.

Heath Hoffteizer with the city says they’re looking at it too, and are concerned that if they merely added another traffic light in front of the driveway could then cause additional rear end accidents on 41 Street with the addition of another light so close to Sertoma Avenue. A complete reconstruction project is about 5 years away near Roosevelt, but in the meantime there are no plans to add a traffic light.

On Cliff Avenue, the Lincoln High School traffic flow is fast tracked as part of the I-229 corridor study. Your input is needed at a open house at the Sioux Falls Convention Center June 22, 2016.

Find out more about traffic studies along the entire I 229 and adjacent corridors on our website. http://www.i229study.com/exit4.html

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