On Sunday, in New York City and in a few other cities nationwide, there was a topless protest to draw attention to the very pressing issue of how men are allowed to be shirtless everywhere, but women are not. (Careful, the link contains images that are NSFW, but not until the bottom of the screen.)

At the New York protest, about two dozen women showed up for the protest and walked around, shirts off, breasts out. And from the photos we've seen, it looks like they were joined by thousands of perverted dudes with cameras.

It's almost a comical reaction to a protest like this. A tiny handful of women going topless, and the city grinding to a halt thanks to men's inability to do anything else when breasts are in their field of vision.

This is why women need to wear shirts; so that men will stay at their jobs, do what they're supposed to, and keep society functional. I'm still behind their cause.

In New York City, it actually is legal for women to be topless in public, but most of the rest of the U.S. isn't so lenient. Topless protests like this one started in 2007 to bring awareness to the cause, although it's unclear if they've made any headway.