United States Attorney Brendan Johnson says the head of Facebook's Global Policy Management has agreed to participate in an upcoming conference on Violent Crime and Human Trafficking in Sioux Falls.

"I'm pleased to announce on your program, "Johnson tells us, "that Monica Bickert of Facebook will talk about the sexual exploitation of children over the internet."

Johnson says internet predators live in South Dakota.

"Just in the last week we actually had a Sioux Falls man who received close to 15 years in prison---168 months---for being part of an internet scheme.  He was posing as a younger child and meeting other children here in South Dakota on the internet including over Facebook.  He was able to get the children to send him pictures of themselves in various stages of undress.  He would then send these pictures to people throughout South Dakota and trade them with other predators."

Johnson has this message for children!

"Don't be sending pictures of yourself to someone or texting photos on the internet.  Don't be tweeting them out to people.  There's a lot of people that are looking for these photographs and they'll spread them throughout the country."

The Violent Crime and Human Trafficking Conference will be held in Sioux Falls August 12, 13, and 14.