Recently, I ran into Target to buy some SOS cleaning pads.  They didn't have them, but I did leave with $44 in Halloween candy.

Around certain holidays I will take candy to work and fill up "Karla's Kandy Jar." I try to choose bags of candy that have the most flavors I like.

There is not ONE bag of Halloween candy on the shelves that has all my favorite flavors. I am convinced the candy companies take their worst selling brands and put them in as filler in the big Halloween candy bags.  There really is no other explanation why Almond Joy candy bars end up in these bags.

I'll be honest, I sorted through the bags and I'm keeping my favorites at home and taking the crap I don't like to work.

I realized there are several pieces of candy I don't like, so here's a Top 5 List of the Worst Halloween candy... according to me.

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