You always see lists online like "10 Ways to Turn Your Guy On" or something similar. Turning a guy on is easy. We're pigs. If you walk into the room with no makeup and sweat pants on you've still got a 70 percent chance of turning us on. But what turns us off? Here's what our listeners told us were the biggest turnoffs for guys.

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    Not Shaving Legs

    Guys are superficial, but even a lot of women we talked to said that not shaving your legs is a great way to turn off a guy. Save the no shaving for marriage. Or, keep waiting to find a guy who loves hairy legs on a woman. You'll probably meet him on Mars because we'll be colonizing the red planet by then.

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    Acting Drunk After One Drink

    I never thought this would even come up, nor did I even think about it when we started talking about it. But it made sense! I've seen the girls who have one drink and then, for whatever reason, start acting as though they started hitting the bottle at 10am. Are they trying to come off as fun? Is it some distorted way of flirting? All it says to a guy is that you are a bit off and maybe high maintenance. Don't do it.

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    Being a Strong Woman

    Maybe some guys don't like women to have bigger muscles than they do, but that's not what I'm talking about. Women with strong, independent personalities are a turn on for most guys. But if you have an overly dominant personality, you try to tell him how to dress, don't let him make decisions, or you completely dominate conversations, you will drive a man nuts. If this is you, talk to someone who has figured out how to let their man think they are picking out their own clothes, making decisions, and let him talk about sports too much. These are highly skilled women. I call them "trainers."

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    Wanting to Meet the Parents Too Soon

    Early in a relationship, you have to keep your worlds separate. You're still feeling each other out, figuring out what this person is all about, and, of course, lying about and hiding your little inadequacies. His parents are the ultimate source. They know almost everything there is to know about him. They may not know all of the secrets of his adult life, but they know a lot. He may not want you finding out any information they may share with you, yet. The other reason this is a huge turn off is that by introducing you to his parents he is saying "You are important to me and I see this lasting a long time." If you bring up meeting his parents after dating for a month, or introduce him to your parents after two weeks, he is going to freak out. You are likely saying the same thing with this gesture as he his, but he is hearing "I am really needy and desperate for a husband and am fitting you for your shackles."

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    Stage Five Clinger

    In the 2005 movie 'Wedding Crashers' Vince Vaughn's character desperately pleads: "I got to get outta here, pronto. I got a stage five clinger." Being clingy can mean lots of things. That's why it's number one. You might just want to hang out with your boyfriend all the time, which tells him your self-esteem is heavily wrapped up in your boyfriend and he will can't have a life beyond his life with you. You may be showing up unannounced at his door when you know he's going to be coming home. You may be following him all over the bar, unable to socialize with anyone else. You may stop hanging out with your friends in order to spend as much time with him as possible. These are all very, very bad things. Be your own person, let him be his own person. Married people with jobs don't spend as much time together as a "Stage Five Clinger" wants to spend with their boyfriend. You need to stop it. You look crazy to guys.