I lived in Rapid City for 3 years during and after college. I know the town pretty well. While there are some good things out there, like the scenery, there are many things I remember that were not so nice.

Since I moved away ten years ago, friends of mine that still live there claim that the town has gotten nicer, that it's not as trashy. I was out there this past weekend and saw a number of things that reminded me of the Rapid City I lived in. Here they are:

5 - A woman at a restaurant yelling at a server because the server called her “SIR”.


4 - $40,000 truck, $20,000 motorcycle sitting outside in front of a $30,000 house.


3 - At the drive-thru for coffee, the car in front of me had it’s muffler dragging on the ground, and the car behind me was a bicycle.


2 - The guy at the front desk changed my room from king to double queen because “That’s the room the employees use.”


1 - I ate breakfast with a guy who had more thumbs than teeth.

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