First of all, Patty is a GREAT employee.  I just happened to have this cool photo of her.

So are you wondering who the sucky employees are where you work? Is it that loud talker in the cube next to you? Is it you?

Well, according to Business Insider here are some Signs You're A Terrible Employee:

  1. You're Not Punctual.
  2. You always make excuses.
  3. You do the bare minimum.
  4. You love to gossip.
  5. You think you're the smartest person in the workplace.
  6. You don't believe in your company's mission or values.
  7. You're noticeably less productive than your co-workers.
  8. You don't get along with anyone at work.
  9. You find yourself regularly apologizing to people.
  10. You're always looking for a way out.

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