As we know, we have had a really hot summer. In fact, I even got sick from dehydration! I have know a bunch of people that have been affected by the heat and ended up getting sick. When I was dealing with my dehydration, I have to admit I was pretty scared. I was dizzy, couldn't stay awake, and had trouble even talking, which for me is really not good since that is my job. I went to the doctor and not only was I dehydrated but my blood level was showing acid levels which was all a side effect of it.

I learned my lesson and have been taking better care of myself during the heat. Increased my water intake, which I should be doing anyway, less pop and coffee (ugh!) and added drinking some gatorade to help with electrolytes.

Today, I was talking to my friend and co-worker Mark Tassler from KXRB. He was super sick from the heat too. He said his doctor said to drink Tomato Juice! When you sweat your body gets rid of potassium and salt. Tomato juice can help replenish what the body needs, not to mention it is FULL of vitamins. You get a ton of Vitamin C among a bunch others. It also aides in helping prevent cancer and signs of aging!

When reading more about Tomato Juice I did find out this fun tidbit: Tomato Juice is great for a hang over as well! Mix it with cucumber juice, spinach juice, and a table spoon of olive oil!

So now on I will be enjoying at least a glass of day of Tomato Juice!