A 26-year old Minnesota man faces 10 years in prison and a $20,000 fine if he's convicted of burglary following his arrest in South St. Paul, Minnesota last week. Of course if he had just robbed a house, it wouldn't be news, would it?

No, Nicholas Wig gets filed under "Stupid Criminals", because he burglarized a home in the rain, and left his wet clothes behind. Not only that, but he decided to check his Facebook account from the home computer. And didn't log out.

The owner of the home realized some items were missing when he returned, then found the wet clothes that obviously weren't his. And when he sat down at his computer, he saw Wig was still logged in, so he sent Wig a message saying he knew that Wig had robbed him and included his phone number.

Wig texted him later saying he wanted to get his clothes back, so the two set up a meeting, where, you guessed it, the police were waiting. Wig was even wearing the watch he had stolen.

It's people like Wig that make police around the country smile for making their jobs a little easier.