It was a quick drive from Sioux Falls and a destination that took our family back in time.  Prairie Village on the edge of Madison has over four square blocks of authentic old homes and buildings to tour through at your leisure.

Many of the buildings have been moved on site from nearby towns.  The most fun is seeing the kids playing with cash registers, electric hair perm machines and old wood cooking stoves.

While some of the buildings allow you to walk right in and even up the stairs to view various rooms, other buildings are gated at the entry to allow for a peek inside.

The most recent restored building is the town hall, which has been completely updated to allow for nightly movies for the campers at the adjoining campground and other local events.  Rooms inside are housing the start of a Lawrence Welk collection, including South Dakota native Myron Floren's albums and serving trays decorated with the Lennon Sisters.

The staff were welcoming and offered ideas of other activities and restaurants in the area


One of the highlights of Prairie Village was the restored Merry Go Round.  What a low-tech fun experience for the kids.  We left with smiles on our faces and a new gratitude for the many modern conveniences we take for granted every day.