Our Senators and Representatives are presumably working on a solution to the differences between our elected leaders.  South Dakota Senator John Thune took to the floor of the Upper Chamber to air his concerns.

Thune is aghast that Senate leadership will not go to a conference committee for an attempt to reconcile differences with the House of Representatives.  He also said that the Senate has not pursued the appropriation bills and passed them when they came through from the House.  Those are two elements that Thune deems crucial in the process to the government being shut down.

South Dakota’s Junior Senator also spoke to the effects of the Affordable Care Act in the state with premiums increased for individuals and families.  Thune also spoke of employers making adjustments to escape some portions of the law.  Full time jobs are not created and more part time jobs will be the way of the future.  Thune also looks to employ fairness in the way the law is being applied.

Resolution is the overall goal according to Thune.  However he would side for a delay in the implementation of the law to make sure it works.