Valentine's Day was yesterday and that's great for all you people that are paired up, but some of us are single and are ok with being free as a bird.

"I'm Like a Bird" was the debut single for Nelly Furtado. It was the first release off of her debut album, Whoa, Nelly!

Before Nelly was a "Promiscuous Girl" she was one with nature in the "I'm Like a Bird" music video.

The song went to #9 on Billboard Hot 100 chart, #6 on the Mainstream Top 40 chart, and #5 on Adult Top 40 chart.

According to Wikipedia:

The song was nominated for the Grammy Award for Song of the Year and won the Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance

In an interview in 2006, Nelly Furtado said this about the song:

Somebody once called it a 'hairbrush song', one that girls and guys sing in front of the mirror with their hairbrush. I just think I'm lucky I have it — it's paying the bills!"[2]

Pay those bills, girl!