Pastor Jeff Hayes says the Faith Temple Food Giveaways are 'making a difference' in the lives of area residents.

"I think of a man who has been a craftsman here in town for many, many years.  We even had him do some work at the church.  Unfortunately, he fell on hard times and suffered medical problems.  He comes to the Food Giveaways quite often.  He tells me all the time---'I just wouldn't be able to make it without this food.'"

Pastor Hayes says many folks can't afford to buy food.

"People tell me for them it's a choice between buying their medicine or buying food.  Oftentimes, they will just buy their medicine and come to the Food Giveaways so they have something to eat."

The Faith Temple Food Giveaway will take place on Friday beginning at 4 p.m. in the W. H. Lyon Fairgrounds.