While gathering interviews at Friday''s Faith Temple Food Giveaway, I had an opportunity to talk with Matt Gasson, the Executive Director of Feeding South Dakota.  I captured the interview on video.

Matt says hunger is a reality in every South Dakota community.  "When you look at the hunger numbers, we know that in our state over a hundred thousand individuals are in need of food.  Many of them are children---in fact more than 36,000 children."

So, what's the answer?  "There are lots of answers---why are people struggling to make ends meet?  There are many different reasons why that is.  I think the solution to hunger is just as complicated.  For some it's a matter of being unemployed and for others, it's not making enough to support a family.  A lot of it can be contributed to major medical conditions---medical bills that put people in severe financial crisis."

The good news is this:  on going projects like the weekly Faith Temple Food Giveaways are helping hundreds of families throughout the community!  And let's not forget Feeding South Dakota.  It's a fact---Feeding South Dakota provides emergency food assistance for an estimated 100,000 people every year!