I grew up with cats. I love cats. I like dogs but I prefer cats. They're low maintenance. But I would never spend more than $100 a year other than on food for a feline. The reason? Cats are moody creatures and just might run away.

Last year Railton and Dawn Elliott of Oxfordshire, England were on vacation in Egypt when the Arab Spring violence broke out. While there, they fell in love with a cat named Omar and decided to take him home.

They spent $9,000 on transporting him home, vet bills, vaccinations, and quarantining him for 6 months to make sure he was disease free after coming through customs.

Almost exactly one year after the day Omar got out of his quarantine, he ran away. They haven't seen him in two weeks.

The Elliott's are offering a $40 reward to anyone who finds him, but so far no takers.

If they spent $9,000 to bring him home, wouldn't they be happy to offer up another $10,000 to get him back? Or maybe they went broke the first time.