We are one week away from Thanksgiving and we haven't seen a measurable snowfall - yet. We'll see plenty in next 48 hours, according to KDLT Weather Center.

I was wondering if this is the latest we've gone into fall without snow and before I could even bring up any climatic data - KDLT's Brian Kirk was already on it. I'm guessing with the mild November we've had so far, our buddy and golfing extraordinaire whipped this up between the 9th and 10th hole while sipping one last summer shandy.

We would have to go back nearly 72 years to find the record of the latest first measurable snow for Sioux Falls - January 8, 1945! Bad year to be the manager of the Sled Barn or Ski Hut.

The next one in line was a 3" snowfall three days before Christmas 1910.

And in recent memory, December 20 of 2004, Sioux Falls had it's first measurable snow at only 0.2" where we could have cleared grandma's sidewalk with a leaf blower.

With that said, there are Winter Storm Warnings are out for Sioux Falls on Friday, November 18 - when Brian's golf bag will be flying at half mast on the KDLT tower.

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