I will never forget the day my dad came home and announced to the family that he was going to do some "hobby farming". (My dad's REAL job, was a UPS driver.)  My sister, my mom and I were sitting at the table when my dad made the statement, "We will never have more than 5 sows."  Forward the story ahead a few months and 60 sows later, and I can now say that I grew up the daughter of a UPS driver AND hog farmer.

Of course with 60 sows, all of which had several litters of piglets, it's safe to say that there would come a time that my sister and I would find one pig that we would claim as our favorite, even going as far as naming that pig.  I specifically remember my favorite.  His name was Doo-Dah.  (I know...what a name, right?)

So imagine my horror on the day that the semi took Doo-Dah away.

But on the other hand, imagine my excitement when I saw this video that is going viral.

I can only hope (with fingers crossed) that my Doo-Dah was the hog that inspired many to take matters into their own cloven hooves!