Third Eye Blind played The District last night and it was everything a millennial could ask for.

However, I have two complaints.  I'm going to just get them out of the way first so we can move on to the good stuff.  Nowhere did it say there would be an opener and there was.  However, the opening band, Gentleman Hall, were great.  They had a flute player!  And not only was there an opener, but the show didn't start on time.

Now I have been to plenty of concerts and I know I shouldn't have been surprised, but I'm an old lady now who has to get up really early for work so punctuality is appreciated.

Now I will move on the guts of the concert.

As I said the opener had a flute player! I was fascinated by this.  They worked a flute into a rock/pop/alt sort of band.  And he was not the type of guy you see on the street and would think, 'I bet he plays the flute.'

Anyway, when Third Eye Blind finally took the stage it was very dark and mysterious.  Stephan Jenkins, the frontman kept a black hoodie on for most of the first four songs and boy does this band like their fog machine.  You couldn't see much.  And let's be honest ladies, reasons one and two for going to the show were Stephan's blue eyes, am I right?

I just Wikipedia'd him and he's 49! Holy crap! He looks good, but I feel old and a little gross for thinking he's so attractive.

Anyway, eventually the hoodie came off and his gorgeous face appeared.

My friend and I watched the opener while being pretty close to the stage, however, in between the sets things got pretty tight and squishy and we began to feel claustrophobic so we moved to the back, which was actually better.  And here is why, 1. I'm short and couldn't see anything close up and 2. The light show was amazazing.  (I meant to add another syllable there.)

So the lights were going, the mood was set, we were rocking out to 'Never Let You Go' and 'Jumper.'  The drummer did a kickass solo.  Stephan is talking about how his dad is from South Dakota! Pretty cool!

Then the time comes when they do their fake, 'The show's over have a great night.'

But we know better we haven't heard 'Semi-Charmed Life' yet or 'How's It Going to Be.'

Then of course the band re-emerges and we rock out some more.  Obviously, 'Semi-Charmed Life' was in the encore and then I wait for the familiar sounds of 'How's It Going To Be' and I get nothing.  They play some other song I don't know. (Devout fans probably knew it, but I didn't.)  Then they do the for real, 'The show is over. We love you Sioux Falls.' and the lights go up and it is really over.  Where the hell is 'How's It Going to Be'?!

I was vocalizing my distaste when another concertgoer happened to pass by and totally agreed with me.  A few fans were really let down.  We want 'How's It Going to Be'!

I left a little disappointed, but overall it was a great show!  Seriously, the lights were super cool.  The videos and photos don't do it justice.

And finally here is 'How's It Going to Be' because gosh darn it, I just really want to hear that song!