Here is a bunch of random things we thought of and listeners sent in to us that only happen or can be seen in South Dakota:

  • The state capitol Pierre (pronounced Pier) is pronounced incorrectly by the residents of the state.
  • Traffic jams in small towns (caused by farm machinery).
  • Laying out sun bathing on the patio with snow still on the patio.
  • Casino and restaurant on every block
  • You can be in the country in winter and be facing a snow covered road and your friend says: "Here, hold my beer. Watch this!"
  • The state tree is the telephone pole.
  • Two seasons: winter and road construction.
  • We hunt our state bird for sport.
  • Traffic jams caused by livestock getting loose.
  • Wearing shorts when it's 30 degrees because it feels "nice out."
  • Only in South Dakota is it OK for kids to drive a tractor to school.

Here's a bicycle with a steering wheel that the neighbor kids had when I was growing up. The pic is new, they wouldn't let their dad get rid of it.

Ice storms in April.