Zagat did a survey of the things that drive us the craziest at restaurants. Here's the list:

1. Too noisy, 27%.

2. Bad service, 24%.

3. High prices, 15%.

4. Too crowded, 11%.

5. Disappointing food, 10%.

I can't believe noise was the top complaint. It's a restaurant. If you want quiet, eat at home. Restaurants are noisy by nature.

For me the most irritating thing for me is that you cannot get a reservation in Sioux Falls anywhere. Sure, a few places take reservations, but most do not. Even with a large group I've been told no several times, only to have a college basketball team come in and be seated in a reserved area.

Other things that tork me off at restaurants:

  • Needy customers who take up so much of the server's time that the server has no chance to give my table good service.
  • People who give dirty looks to people with kids. If you want to go somewhere that doesn't have many kids, go to fine dining. But when the sign says "Family Restaurant" don't be surprised when noisy kids are in there.
  • Servers who check on you every three minutes. Yes please check on my table often. But you don't have to speak and interrupt our conversation. Just look to see if my water is empty or getting empty. Just fill it. If my beer glass is empty, then ask if I need another, which of course I do, please.