Sioux Falls Police are searching for three suspects after a man says cash was taken from his back pocket while at the Empire Mall.

"We had a man that was leaving the mall," Police Spokesman Sam Clemens told us. "This took place Monday afternoon at 3:00 PM. He walked outside and there were three other men that walked up to him. He had seen these people earlier inside of a mall store. He believes they saw him put some money in the back of his pocket. Once the man was outside the building, one of the three men walked up to him and reached in his back pocket, picked up the cash and took off."

Clemens says the victim offered this description of the thieves.

"All three were black men. The one that took the money had dreadlocks and facial hair. All three ran to a car, a beige colored Lincoln."

Clemens says it's really important to keep an eye on your surroundings while displaying cash and other valuables.

"If you see people around, try not to flash large amounts of cash. Just whatever you have available---you're not showing all the money you have."

Clemens says it's possible the mall stores might have surveillance video of the men.

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