15 years ago a woman named Margot Riphagen (who was 16 at the time) threw a house party were things got out of hand and certain items were stolen most notabl…4 rings. They all had some sort sentimental value. She says:

“The first ring is my mother’s actual wedding band, that she was not wearing because she was going to get it re-sized. The second is a ring with a small diamond that my father gave my mother when my sister was born, who is a year older than I am,” said Riphagen.

“And then the other two, I actually didn’t know existed until we got them back, but they are my grandparents’ wedding bands. They had small diamond chips put into them for me and my sister when we got older. So it was a pretty big deal. I’m now actually wearing my grandfather’s wedding band.”

Well the other day Margot's mother received a letter at work along with the 4 rings signed by a sincerely regretful “dumb kid who wants to right a wrong,” Margot said:

I doesn’t even care who stole them. The only thing that matters now is that they’re back.