The first time I watched 'The Walking Dead' it was a an accident. I had no intention of watching it. In fact, when I woke up that day I had only heard of the show. So how does a guy who has been afraid to watch horror movies his entire life somehow become addicted to the most horrific show in recent memory? Simple - it's not about zombies.

My wife and I watched a movie on Netflix one Saturday night in November of last year. (OK, I'm a date savant, it was November 5, 2011.) She was tired and went to bed, I started browsing around looking for something else to watch. I spotted the cryptic looking cover photo from the first season and thought "I've heard that's really good. Let's try it and if it's too scary, you can always shut it off."

Sounds like something I'd say to my daughter before watching Ghostbusters.

I won't spoil it for those who are not yet infected with the 'Dead,' but after the first five minutes of episode 1 you will be immediately hooked or immediately disgusted. I was both. However I couldn't help getting consumed by the incredibly easy, though terribly hard decision that the main character, Rick Grimes, had to make. Oxymoronic as that may sound, watch the first episode and you'll know what I mean.

So how do I explain that silly "it's not about zombies" line? I could do it sarcastically and point out that in the two seasons of the show they have yet to call the undead people walking around 'zombies.' They are 'walkers' or 'geeks.'

Sarcasm aside, 'The Walking Dead' isn't about zombies. It is a show about people faced with life or death decisions when faced with the end of the world. It's about survival and the whether or not complete strangers can work together to survive. In that respect it's no different than any good war movie.

Oh, and there's lots of guns and action packed zombie kills.

The third season of 'The Walking Dead' premieres on Sunday October 14th on AMC. You may be a little lost without watching the first two seasons, but from the looks of the trailer it will likely be entertaining enough for you to sit down and get 'Dead.'