Our buddy Dan on our sister station KIKN, who like me is a be fan of 'The Walking Dead,' posted a blog about how South Dakota would be the third worst state to survive the zombie apocalypse, according to some website called Hopper. How does that work? We have low population, lots of guns, the ability to grow our own food, hunt for meat, and lots of flat ground to see walkers coming.

A listener named Paul called in and said that we in the 605 would have nothing to fear for one simple reason. We have lots of combines.

We could send these gigantic vehicles that can still travel in horrible conditions with a giant spinning weapon on the front, at least if its a wheat head. It would be like a zombie tank. Now, some modifications would likely need to be made to simply crush and drop the biters without sucking them into the bucket and clogging the works with guts and bones. But it would have to be a solid way to deal with them, right?

(NOTE - I am not, nor did I grow up on a farm. I know nothing about it. The preceding are merely ideas for the unlikely event of a zombie apocalypse. I ask then that all farmers not be too mean when correcting my misguided ideas.)