Recently, there was a debate here at the station as to why The Super Bowl is now the first weekend in February instead of the last weekend in January.  I said that I thought it was due to 9/11 and the precautions taken after that pushed everything back a week.  One of my fellow colleagues, who may or may not know more about sports than I do, said it was because the NFL added a bye week and changed some stuff regarding the Pro Bowl.  I don’t know what the reason is for sure, but I just know ever since it has moved to February it takes all the attention off of me and my birthday.

My birthday is February 4, which is pretty much always around Super Bowl weekend and trying to plan a birthday party can get a little tricky.  It can’t be overlapping with the big game and sometimes I even get ditched because someone already has Super Bowl plans.  Hello! It’s my day!

Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy the Super Bowl festivities.  I mean, I am an American, so football is kind of a big deal.  I get it.  I enjoy the halftime shows no matter who is performing.  Some years I care a little too much about the halftime show rather than the game, depending who is playing and if the game is a blow out.  I’m totes excited for Beyonce this year and the speculation of a Destiny’s Child reunion just stokes those flames of excitement even more.

Honestly, you would think the idea of sharing my birthday wouldn’t bother me anymore because my mom and I have the same birthday.   So basically, my mom got the best birthday present when I was born.  Just kidding.  I get reminded all the time how much pain she was in on her birthday.  I always enjoyed sharing my birthday with my mom.  It made us unique.  People always thought that it was really cool that we were born on the same day.   I’ve always been told that I have to keep up the tradition, which to me means I’ll adopt a kid with February 4th as a birthday.  Or get a dog with that birthday.  As I said, I don’t mind sharing my birthday with my mom.  We’ve had some really good times.  However, sharing your birthday with one of the biggest TV events in the world is a little different.

So in conclusion, my birthday is February 4th and presents will be accepted.