'The Sing Off' premiered last night with 10 new acappella groups vying to for a record contract.

The groups all vary in style, number of members, and age.

My favorite group last night was Street Corner Renaissance.  They are an old school doo-wop group and they put an awesome spin on One Direction's 'What Makes You Beautiful.'  Loved it.

Another favorite is Home Free.  They are from Minneapolis, MN and put an acappella spin on country songs.

The acoUstiKats from the University of Kansas did a great rendition of Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines.'  I gotta say they made it really fun and to think they did all of this without instruments is crazy.

And at the very end the judge's decide which two groups will battle in a full on sing-off.  This week's song was NSync's 'Bye Bye Bye.'  What both groups did with this song is so cool, but I gotta agree with the judges.  I definitely think Voice Play deserved to stay.

Do you think Nick Lachey got a bad taste in his mouth when he had to announce the battle song was NSync?

I'm so glad NBC brought 'The Sing Off' back.  Unlike other singing competition shows I feel like these three judges really know what is going on.  Ben Folds has always been the musical nerd that busts out big words and can hear a flat note in an instant.  Shawn has cred because Boyz II Men is a vocal harmony group.  Jewel is new this year but definitely knows her stuff.  She gives them great feedback and knows the basics of harmony and melody and songwriting and all that jazz.