Everyone has heard the saying that "a dog is man's best friend".   It's a saying that dates back to 1821 from a poem printed in the The New-York Literary Journal.  It's a common phrase that highlights the quality of loyalty with companionship between humans and dogs;  two things that were evident in Cooperstown, North Dakota.

On Monday, May 12th, 2014, 3-year old Carson Urness was playing outside with his John Deere Digger toy on his family's farm.  When Carson's mother, Courtney Urness, noticed that she didn't hear him playing, she immediately knew that something wasn't right.

Her emotions quickly turned to panic after she searched the entire farm and couldn't find little Carson anywhere.  Courtney dialed 9-1-1 to let authorities know that Carson was nowhere to be found.  That's when she noticed someone else was missing.

Courtney remembered that when Carson was playing with his John Deere Digger toy, he also had a close friend with him.  His 3-year old Golden Retriever mix named Cooper.

Mom Courtney says that it was very hard on her knowing that Carson was missing, but does admit, that she felt some relief knowing that Cooper was probably with her 3-year old son.

That night a search party of more than 200 volunteers searched for both Carson and Cooper.  Family, friends and neighbors searched everywhere.

As evening turned to night, bloodhounds were brought in to search over 2,000 acres of land.  Around midnight, it started to rain causing temperatures to continue to fall.  Search conditions were miserable and shortly after 2 AM, authorities decided to call the volunteer searchers in for the night.

That's when one volunteer noticed Cooper, the Golden Retriever mix, stand up in a field.  And with Cooper, was Carson.

When authorities reached the pair, Cooper quickly laid back down, on top of Carson, guarding him and protecting him from the rainstorm.  They were over a mile away from home.

Carson was returned home to his waiting parents, muddy and upset, but in good health, thanks to Cooper.

Of course Carson's parents are thrilled to have him returned home, but are equally as happy that Cooper kept their son safe until they both could be found.

Even the authorities are impressed with Cooper, who came into the family after being found abandoned by the side of the road.  Sheriff Robert Hook says,

The dog and him are buddies.

Both Carson and Cooper are doing fine.


Source:  Dogtime.com